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    She is the one who works in the fields threatened by drug traffick… She is the one who is underestimated in her work for the simple fact of being a woman… She is the one who left her country with the promise of a good job and ended up in forced prostitution, sexual exploitation or in a forced marriage… She… Continue reading "ORANGE DAY"

  • Hands of Corn

    RIGHTS FOR RURAL WOMEN. She knows it is time to get up when the first flashes of dawn sneak into her bedroom. She takes her breakfast quickly, and with a random radio station, she puts on her working clothes. She starts at 6:00, but prior to the day starts, she must hand-wash some garments, and make breakfast for the kids… Continue reading "Hands of Corn"

  • With love, from Syria

    Those who know me will know that my professional career has been heavily influenced by the protection and promotion of human rights and the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.   A couple of days ago, I was in London waiting at the bus station near Trafalgar Square, when my attention was caught by a small note next to me: “I… Continue reading "With love, from Syria"

  • The eternal return

    I have always believed that to analyze a phenomenon, we must start with the premise of understanding the relationship between the past and the present. We must learn from the lessons of the past to modify the perception of our current social problems and make decisions based on the different events that have occurred in the history of human kind.… Continue reading "The eternal return"

  • Changing the world

    The role of women since antiquity has been disparaged and ambiguous. From ancient Greece till Middle Age, came to regard women as a bit more than a slave but much less than men. Even if we inquired in Greek mythology, in one hand was the divine and superhuman figure of Athena and on the other, the woman was represented as… Continue reading "Changing the world"